Hiring doesn’t have to be complicated.
      It’s time to SIMPLIFY your hiring process and add the RIGHT PEOPLE at the RIGHT TIME to your business.
You’ve tried hiring before, but it never seems to work out. 
  • Are you so busy that hiring feels like an added burden, even though you know it will help you in the long run?
  • Do you know you need to hire someone, but you’re not sure exactly what their role should be?
  • Are you feeling like you don’t know how to hire and you don’t have an HR expert on your team, leaving your wondering how to move forward?
Or, maybe you’ve finally hired that “perfect” person
only to find out a few months later that they are not the right fit.
You're discouraged.
Now you feel discouraged because you’ve wasted time and money on someone who’s actually hurting your business. You’re starting to wonder if it would be better to just keep doing it all yourself.
You've Got too much to do.
It’s true. As the leader of your business, your time is precious. It’s hard to think about adding yet another item onto your to-do list.
plus, hiring is expensive.
You’re going to have to pay your new team member fairly, and you’re not 100% confident that it’s in your budget. How much will it even cost to hire the right person?
You’re the expert in your field, not in hiring.
How do you know if you need an employee or an independent contractor? How can you decide if you should hire locally or virtually? This is not your area of expertise.

I get it. I’ve worked with dozens of business owners from 5 figures to 8 figures...

...All who have struggled with this very same issue: hiring

And as a small business owner, I’ve experienced my own challenges with hiring (and made a few mistakes along the way).
Hiring feels impossible because you don’t even know where to start.
I know what it’s like to be trying to handle #allthethings in my business while drowning in client work. 

And hiring the wrong person… well, I’ve been there too! I know what it’s like to hire someone quickly because I just needed to get tasks off my plate, only to find out that my hire was going to cost me more than help me.

Although I have 15 years of experience in HR in the corporate setting, hiring for your online, service-based business is different!

It took me some trial and error to adapt what I had learned in the corporate world to the online world. 

By combining my previous HR experience PLUS working with dozens of online business owners, I’ve found a way to make the hiring process simple and seamless--both for myself and others.

And I absolutely love helping others follow this process so they can scale their business the right way.
What if you could do this, too? Imagine being able to hire the person you need in your business, without second-guessing yourself the entire time.
What if you could truly free up your time to do what you do best, instead of being overwhelmed with work everyday. 
That’s not why you started this business, right?
You're ready to grow your business with the right hire!
What if you could…..
Increase your revenue (and profit!) by scaling your business with the right people
Free up your time so you can actually enjoy time with your family or (gasp!) take a vacation
Stop spinning your wheels and guessing what you should do next
You don't have to keep 
wasting your time and money.
Instead, you can save time by following a proven process and keep more of your profit.
Higher quality work 
The right hire in your business will result in higher quality work being done in your business. This means happier clients and happier you!
More efficiency
With the right team, your business will become more efficient, saving you both time and money.
More Time
Now that you've hired the right person for your business, you have more time to spend being the face of your business and doing revenue-producing activities!
You have what it takes to hire the right person--you just need a proven system to guide you along the way.
Hiring: Simplified
The Complete System to Guide You Through the Hiring Process.

Even if you have no HR experience, have made hiring mistakes before, and have limited time.
This is a proven, 3-phase system that will walk you through hiring the right person at the right time in your business. 

I'll show you...
HOW TO create your job description...
You will find out how to assess who you need in your business and what type of role they should play. And you'll discover how to create the perfect job description to attract your ideal candidates.
HOW TO get the right applicants...
You'll discover best ways to find, screen, and interview candidates. You'll learn secrets to creating your application and interview questions, what’s needed before you post your job, and how to objectively rate applicants.
HOW TO select the best candidate...
You'll understand rules for screening your applicants, how to interview your applicants, and how to release the wrong candidates and advance the right ones. Finally, you'll discover how to select your best applicant!
Hiring: Simplified is the plug-and-play hiring solution you've been looking for.
I’m giving you everything I use in the 1:1 service I offer business owners, which starts at $1500.

This means you get swipe copy to make the process faster, checklists and assessments to help you make decisions, and the exact framework I’ve developed and used based on 15 years of HR experience plus several years in the online space.
Don’t wait until you are  desperate to hire.
Instead, take action now and put a plan in place for when you are ready to hire. Using Hiring Simplified, you'll have everything you need to find your perfect match.
I want to make sure you feel confident hiring the right person for your business.
If within the first 30 days of purchase, you follow the entire Hiring: Simplified process and are not satisfied with your results, you may be eligible for a refund. Contact us for a refund.
Here's What's included in Hiring: Simplified
Phase 1: job description
In this phase, you'll determine who you need to hire and why. You'll get clear on who you're needing and complete the job description for this role.
Phase 2: Finding Applicants
In this phase, you'll learn how to get the best applicants for your role. Find out where to look for applicants, how to review applications and fairly evaluate candidates. 
Phase 3: Selection process
In phase 3, you're going to pick out your final candidates and make an offer! You'll learn exactly how to navigate this process from moving people through interviews to releasing the candidates you choose not to move forward.
Hiring simplified Handbook
Get the full 22-page handbook that includes all of the scripts, worksheets, and resources you'll need to successfully hire for your next role. All of these worksheets are available to download individually as well.

One time payment or 3 payments of $197
Phase 1: Job Description
Phase 2: Finding Applicants
Phase 3: Selection Process
Hiring Simplified Handbook
What others are saying...
Natalie is the only one I turn to for advice on hiring and team management. She was a key advisor when we were crafting our job description, filtering through candidates, interviewing and on-boarding a critical team member. Natalie is thoughtful, kind and an excellent teacher and mentor.
- Katie Hunt, CEO OF Tradeshow Bootcamp and host of Proof to Product
I was ready to grow my business with an operations lead. I came to Natalie because of her expertise in hiring. She spelled out the process in a project plan that I could follow. With her help, we created the job description, application and screening interview materials that perfectly matched what I was looking for. In the end, organize 365 got exactly what we wanted - a perfect match for our company. This framework is a perfect process for any business owner to follow to achieve their hiring goals.
- Lisa Woodruff, CEO of Organize 365
With Hiring: Simplified, you’re going to be able to hire not just your next team member, but it’s a process you can use over and over.
If you’ve been thinking about adding to your team anytime in 2019, this is the solution for you! 
By investing now, you’ll save yourself hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars plus dozens of hours trying to figure it out on your own.
Are you ready to find your unicorn?
Join us now if you are ready to have a proven process to follow each and every time you need to add to your team.
One time payment or 3 payments of $197
Phase 1: Job Description
Phase 2: Finding Applicants
Phase 3: Selection Process
Hiring Simplified Handbook
Why trust me?
Im Natalie Gingrich, and I've successfully hired dozens of times using this framework and unicorns have emerged. They do exist!

I've combined my 15 years of experience in HR in the corporate setting along with my past several years of working as a Project Manager, Chief of Staff, and Hiring Specialist in the online space to create this training for you.

When I offer this service 1:1, it starts at $1,500. I know not all business owners are ready to outsource their hiring process, so I wanted to make the price accessible to leaders even in the lower revenue ranges.
When will the training content be available to me?
The Hiring: Simplified Framework videos and worksheets are available now. 

You will have access to these materials for the lifetime of the course.
How long will it take me to hire someone using this training?
When I have personally hired for clients, I advise 6 weeks from planning to selection.

It may take you more or less time, depending on your availability and current commitments.
Is this training applicable to a certain industry?
This process has been tested for online entrepreneurs, local businesses with a face to face presence, for contractor and full time employees. 

The system is repeatable and inclusive.
How long will it take me to go through the content?
It will take you just a few hours to review the videos I've created for you. However, it make take you longer to work through the worksheets and do the action steps for each phase.
How long do I have access to the training?
You have access to this training material for as long as I keep this course alive. You may also download the contents at any time.
Your question here!
Got a question? Email me: support@theopsauthority.com if you have a question about this training.
Winging this process will lead you to unqualified prospects, wasted time on training, and Lost money DUe to turnover.
Simplify your hiring process and use my proven system now and every time you hire in the future.
One time payment or 3 payments of $197
Phase 1: Job Description
Phase 2: Finding Applicants
Phase 3: Selection Process
Hiring Simplified Handbook
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